Cfast Teeth Straightening – Case Study


What makes Cfast™ so unique is that it is gentle and kind to teeth, so provides minimal discomfort. Using clear orthodontic brackets and tooth coloured nickel-titanium wires Cfast™ is great value for money providing the most subtle and comfortable aligners without long term, costly orthodontics. The treatment, already hugely popular in America and available only through exclusive dental practices in the UK, levels and aligns the teeth in less than half the time it would take traditional orthodontics – ensuring you don’t have to wear braces for longer than you have to!

Cfast™ has been the first choice for celebrities for the perfect smile since its UK launch, and if it’s good enough for celebs, it’s good enough for us!

Cfast is also proving popular amongst our own staff here at McManus & Scott, we’ve now had 4 staff members have a course of treatment. The latest is our lovely dental nurse Gillian Simpson. Gillian was fitted with her Cfast trays by our dentist Shad Jaff. She had minor relapse following orthodontic treatment in the past. Though looking at her initial photos, you may not think there is anything wrong at all with her teeth, it is one of the cases where the patient notices little things more than anybody else would.

Having had her teeth straight once, this minor relapse of a couple of the teeth was enough to make Gill decide she wanted them straight once again. Her treatment was 6 weeks from start to finish with fixed brackets (braces) followed by 2 weeks of whitening. After this period, we reshaped some of the front teeth using tooth coloured filling the make the teeth symmetrical and give an even appearance as well as replacing some of the old white filling in the back areas of her mouth which you can also see.

Gillian is delighted with her results and says, “I previously had ortho when  I was younger which had relapsed. It wasn’t noticeable to anyone else, but had started to annoy me. I wanted straight teeth again but didn’t want to go through another few years of ortho. I then saw a few patients having c-fast fitted and I was sold. I had mine fitted by Shad at Holytown, within 6 weeks the treatment was finished and I am so pleased with the results!”

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