Cosmetic dentures

Closeup portrait of a happy mature man with senior woman having fun togetherWorldwide hundreds of millions of people wear some form of denture and there are over 11 million in the UK alone, that’s one in 4 of the adult population. So you’re by no means alone.
Nowadays it is no longer necessary for dentures to look false. The dental team can provide you with a highly attractive and cosmetic denture allowing you to look good, whilst feeling confident and attractive.

A Cosmetic Solution

Choosing a denture that looks like your own natural teeth will make a world of
difference to you. Cosmetic Dentures allows wearers, young and old, to still look great and feel confident. People are often surprised how natural their cosmetic dentures look, frequently allowing them to be worn without others knowing.

Choosing the shape of your teeth

Most people find that their denture “feels most natural” when the shape and size of the teeth in it are similar to how they used to look. We therefore recommend people to look out a photograph of themselves showing their original teeth. This has been found to give the most natural results. If you cannot find a photograph your clinician will help you to choose teeth that harmonise with your face.

Choosing the colour of your teeth

If you still have some of your own teeth then your clinician will match the teeth on your denture to them. There are 17 colours to choose from including, for those who have had their teeth whitened, a very vital bleached
As people get older, and unless their teeth have been whitened, their teeth naturally become darker and choosing a colour for your denture teeth that reflects this will make your denture look more “natural”. However you may decide that you want a “younger look” by having lighter teeth. Your clinician can talk with you about the advantages and disadvantages involved.