Crowns and bridges

Crowns and bridges are used to give you a more natural smile, to help you chew better, and to stabilize your teeth.
A crown is a ‘cap’ that is fitted over the existing tooth, usually where the tooth is damaged or stained. The tooth is reshaped in the surgery and impressions are taken. The crown is made in the lab and returned to us to be fitted a week later.
There are different types of crown. Some are available on the NHS, some are provided privately.

E-Max and Lava crowns

These are metal-free crowns and are an excellent cosmetic match for existing teeth. They are very strong and an excellent fit. These are premium crowns and are provided privately

Porcelain bonded crowns

These are regarded as ‘traditional’ crowns. They have an inner core of metal for strength, and an outer core of porcelain for aesthetics. They are usually provided on the NHS, but can be provided privately which allows for better porcelain work.

Metal shell crowns

These are metal crowns which are provided on the NHS for back teeth. They are very strong and functional.
A bridge is used as an alternative to dentures or implants to fill a space where a tooth is missing. It is a false tooth that is attached onto the tooth or teeth next to the gap. There are several different types and designs of bridges, and they can be made out of different materials such as E-Max, Lava or Porcelain bonded – just like crowns. A bridge will fill a gap in your smile.
Your Dentist can explain these services in greater detail.