What is a hygienist/therapist?

We have on site Dental Hygienist/Therapists for your convenience.

Dental hygiene/therapists are specially trained to work as part of the dental team, to give care to patients.They play an important part in dental health care and are mainly concerned with preventive dental health and treating gum disease – showing you correct home care and helping to keep your teeth and gums healthy and also are able to carry out an extensive range of procedures such as :

  • intra and extra oral assessment
  • scaling and polishing
  • applying materials to teeth such as fluoride and fissure sealants
  • taking dental radiographs
  • providing dental health education on a one to one basis or in a group situation
  • undertaking routine restorations in both deciduous and permanent teeth, on adults and children
  • using all materials except pre cast or pinned placements
  • extracting deciduous teeth under local infiltration analgesia

The dental therapist may treat a wide range of high treatment needs patients, from those who:

  • are dentally anxious
  • are medically compromised
  • are physically disabled
  • have learning disabilities
  • have high levels of untreated decay
  • are unable to access regular dental care in the general dental service

Are you brushing correctly?

  • Use small circular movements with the brush held at 45 degrees to the tooth
  • Move systematically around the mouth
  • Remember to clean the inside surfaces and the biting surfaces
  • Dont forget behind the top and bottom teeth
  • A good technique will take 2 minutes

Are you flossing?

  • Debris accumulates between the teeth
  • If not removed, bacteria will develop and plaque will form
  • Use the floss with a back and forth motion and with a vertical action until all the plaque is removed
  • Work the floss gently under the gum