Teeth whitening

It is well documented that your smile is what others notice first about you. Let us at McManus and Scott, help make your smile one that catches others attention for all the right reasons. One of the most simple, yet effective ways to improve the aesthetic appearance of your teeth is to brighten them with professional tooth whitening.

At McManus and Scott, all our dentists are fully trained in the many different methods of tooth whitening, which can be tailored for your individual needs and budget. If teeth whitening is something you have ever considered, please call us today to discuss your options and organise a free consult. With our experience and expertise, let us help guide you to find your best option.

At the top of our range we offer, Enlighten, the newest brand to the market which guarantee a B1 shade, see pics below.


Enlighten uses their custom made special trays that are designed to keep out more saliva than standard trays, to reduce dilution of the product. A suitable prescription of the whitening gels and also desensitising agents is prescribed. The trays are worn for approx 2 weeks followed by an in office ‘power blast’ 1 hr treatment. If used as directed this system guarantees a shade B1 as shown in the pics above.

Our mid range whitening system is White Dental Beauty. This is a system done at home using custom fit mouthguards, fitting only you’re mouth. We have a range of gels in this range from 6% HP, 10% CP and 16% CP. The numbers are the strength of the gel and how long they will take to whiten teeth and the numbers is the type of peroxide used. This system also offers a 5% gel which contains an ingredient called Novon and is used for patients with severe sensitivity.This kit comes with 8 syringes for 2 weeks worth of Home Whitening.

Our budget range, is a home whitening kit, which includes impressions, to make custom made thin trays, that are unobtrusive to wear, and 6 capsules of either 10% or 16% carbamide peroxide. Full instructions will be given at your delivery appointment, but the trays should be worn for a minimal of 3 hours at a time for a week or 2, depending on the initial staining or discolouration of the teeth, as will be discussed depending on your individual needs.


  • The confidence to smile with a beautiful white ‘ Hollywood’ smile
  • A more conservative way to brighten teeth shade without using crowns or veneers.


  • Some sensitivity of the teeth may occur during the treatment and for 24 hours afterwards
  • Not suitable for crowned, veneered or heavily filled teeth, as these will not change colour.

Did you know that it is now illegal for non dentists to perform teeth whitening. New regulations from the GDC state that it should be done only under the prescription of a dentist, thereafter a dentist , hygienist or hyg/ therapist may carry out the procedure. See links below for more details on the guidelines re teeth whitening

www.gdc-uk.org/Newsandpublications/Publications/Publications/Considering%20Tooth %20Whitening.pdf